Thank You!

The Islamic Association of  Saskatchewan – Moose Jaw is overwhelmed with support from the Moose Jaw Community for the Quebec tragedy.  The Quebec terrorist attack in the mosque that left six Canadian lost their lives. After the Friday prayer February 3rd, 2017 the Moose Jaw community joined the Muslims community to show their supports and tribute for lost lives in Quebec.

We would like to sincerely say thank you all organizations that came after Friday prayer to show their supports; The City Council on behalf of the Mayor, MLA, St. Andrew Church, Moose Jaw Multicultural Organization, Moose Jaw Police, RCMP, and other community representatives. As Dr. Ramadan said on behalf of the community that the tragedy that happened in Quebec is not only for the Muslims community but it is for all of us as Canadian.  The news is also available at Moose Jaw Times Herald.

Donation to Affected Families in Quebec

Islamic Association of Saskatchewan – Moose Jaw is collecting donation for the tragedy.  The donation will be sent to the Islamic Organization in Quebec to support the affected families.

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