We are a small community of approximately 500 Muslims living in southern Saskatchewan.  We are building a centre and Masjid in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.  We are close to completing the project after raising funds locally and from other provinces.  Our total project cost is $1.4 Million.  We have so far raised $1.2 Million and invested most of it in the project.  Construction is continuing since September 2016 and we are hoping to finish it in the spring of 2018.

Contributions can be made in cash, by cheque, bank transfer or by PayPal on our website. Cheque payable to Islamic Association of Saskatchewan, Moose Jaw

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Tel #:

IAOS Moose Jaw Office:
58 Highland Road, Moose Jaw,
SK, S6J 1M4

Islamic Centre and Masjid Site:
73 Lancaster Road, Moose Jaw,
SK, S6J 1M8

The first day of Construction!


If you do deeds of CHARITY openly, it is well; but if you bestow it upon the needy in secret, it will be even better for you, and it will atone for some of your bad deeds. And God is aware of all that you do. – 2:271 (Asad)
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